Litters & For Sale

So along side running the rescue, we also have our own guinea pigs. Of which we take to shows and have the odd litter.

This page is for our confirmed pregnancies from our own piggies as well as piggies that are up for sale. 

We make no money from our piggies, and we do it as a hobby. We may end up keeping pups back from litters. Of which we like to take to shows.

Please also bear in mind that we do have a waiting list fir our guinea pigs.

Litters Due

For Sale & Reserved

We currently have no litters due


We currently have no guinea pigs for sale

Pumpkin x Logan


Name: Pumpkin

Breed: Smooth Pet

Coat: Golden & White


Name: Logan

Breed: Californian

Coat: White/Black Points

Due from: 4th November



Ocarla x Susano


Name: Ocarla

Breed: Californian

Coat: White/Choc Points


Name: Susano

Breed: Satin Californian

Coat: Red/Chocolate Points

Due from: 4th November


Peach x Boris


Name: Peach

Breed: Smooth Pet

Coat: Lilac & Saffron


Name: Boris

Breed: Coronet

Coat: Pink eyed Cream

Due from: 15th November


McMuffin x Severus


Name: McMuffin

Breed: Smooth Pet

Coat: Golden Agouti Roan


Name: Severus

Breed: English Crested

Coat: Slate

Due from: 17th December

Our Prices

Here is our list of prices for cavies


Sows: £25

Boars: £20


Sows: £35-£40

Boars: £25

Dark Eyed Whites

Sows: £30

Boars: £25

Crested Slates

Sows: £30

Boars: £25

Rescue Adoption fee (any breed)


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Please note that when you reserve a pig from us, we do ask for a deposit of half of the amount to be paid. This is non-refundable unless the piggy reserved passes away or needs vet treatment.

Vet treatment does not apply to the following:

- Mites

- Lice

- Fungal

As these can be treated at home.

If a guinea pig is brought from us passes away within the first week of having the piggie. We will refund the payment or help you find another.

We do not take any deposits for baby piggies until they are 3 weeks old. But we will state the pig is 'on hold'.

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