Are Guinea Pigs right for you?

Guinea Pigs are great pets. A lot of people say they are great pets for children. I disagree. Guinea Pigs need a huge amount of attention and love because they are very social animals. They prefer to be in pairs or a herd, of which this makes them more comfortable around humans. With being pray animals, young children grabbing them & being accidently rough with them is not suitable for this species.

Being a "first pet" for your child tends to end up in the parents looking after them instead of the children. We have had many  guinea pigs come to us because the kids have just got fed up of them or the guinea pigs were no longer small etc.

We aim to rehome our guinea pigs to loving homes where they will get everything they need, including lots of love.

Guinea Pigs are very friendly and energetic animals. Which makes them great pets to have. There are lots of different breeds that are counted by the BCC (British Cavy Council), as well as some others that are not recognised by them.